The Team...genuinely care about the children

We cannot speak highly enough of the centre and how much our children enjoy their time here. We find the teachers to be always friendly, approachable and enthusiastic. Both our children  love coming in the gate each day and are always greeted personally by the teachers with a big smile. The team are always professional and genuinely care about the children. They take the time to find out about each child and what makes them tick. RCCK is such an integral part of our family's life. It continues to play such a big role for our daughter as she grows and has been instrumental in getting our eldest boy ready for school. We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this centre to anyone.


Staff...always meet children on their own unique journey

We cannot praise the efforts, attitude, knowledge and skill of the RCCK team highly enough. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude and will always be grateful for the particular interest they took in our son's life. Our second son has developed his social, emotional and learning skills so well. Staff have the knowledge, creativity and passion to always meet children on their own unique journey and find a way to inspire, guide and engage them. It seems no two children are approached in the same way. They even alerted us to a speech delay which we hadn't noticed. Through their quick action we have sought the right professional input which has helped greatly.


For our family it's been a second home

Most parents would shop around a few centres, weigh up the pros and cons of them all then decide on one. But it felt so right, my daughter and I after only a few visits already felt part of the creche whanau and that's what was most important.

  Rotorua Community Creche & Kindergarten is a lot of things, but for our family it's been a second home, a place of learning, growth, fun, special friendships and memories. As a working parent you want to do right by your child and be there for it all but it's just not possible. My partner and I have huge thanks to give RCCK for who our daughter is today, whilst her knowledge and nature has been learnt both at home and creche, huge input to this has been thanks to our loving teachers.