Creche Programme Available for Mornings (0-5 year olds)

8.30 to 11.30 Monday to Friday

OR 8.30 to 12.30 Monday to Friday

This focuses on 0-5 year olds.

Please provide your child with morning tea and a drink of water if only here for the morning.  If they are staying till 12.30 they will require lunch as well.

All Day Programmes (2-5 year olds)

8.45 to 2.45 Monday to Friday

8.30 to 3.30 Monday to Friday

9.30 to 3.30 Monday to Friday


Our All Day programmes focus on 2 to 5 year olds.  Please provide your child with enough food for the day and a drink of water.

We are open during the school term holidays.  We are closed for 4-5 weeks during the Christmas holiday period.  There is a minimum of two bookings per week.


Optional Charge

We operate on a membership basis.  This is currently $40/family per year.   This covers the cost of additional activities and items we provide such as: 

Excursions and entry fee
Above adult/child ratio required by ECE Regulations.
Sun Block
Duffy Books in Homes
Priority for booking changes
Educa – Online Profiles
Option to make casual bookings 


We offer 20ECE Hours for children who are 3, 4 or 5 years of age.  For further information please see Maree.

20 ECE for 2 Year Olds

We also offer 20ECE hours for children who are 2 years old, providing they book for 12 hours or more  per week.  Please see Maree to discuss your options.

WINZ Subsidy

You may be eligible for WINZ subsidy on any fees charged.  Please contact WINZ directly on tel:0800559009 for further information.


Any permanent booked days must be paid for, whether your child attends or not.  Public holidays will be charged if this falls on a permanent day in a school term.  Payment can be made weekly or term by term. 

Bank details are:  ANZ Bank 06 0583 0793742 00.  Please use your childs name as a reference. 

Feel welcome to pay either by cheque, cash or internet banking.  

Casual Phone In’s

We have a phone in system that enables parents to book their children for a casual day if they require one, in addition to any permanent days.

Please phone Crèche after 8.30am for any casual days.  Available on first in first served basis.  Normal programme fees are charged for any casual days and this is payable on the day.

Daily Routine

Please ensure your child is signed in and out on the days they attend.  This is a requirement by Ministry of Education.

On arrival please encourage your child to select their name tag from the wall and choose a hook.  This is where they will hang their bag and coat.  It is very important that you sign in when you arrive and also sign out when you leave. 

Morning: If your child is attending for the morning only, they will require morning tea.  Please pack a healthy snack in a named lunchbox and a drink of water in a named bottle.  We do prefer that lollies are not packed in the children‘s lunch boxes.

ALL DAY:  As above with the morning, with extra food for lunch.  All children will sit together for lunch before starting the afternoon programme.

Please Note:   Popcorn or peanuts can be a choking hazard for your children. 



Nappies are changed after morning tea or as required.  Please pack nappies for your child.  We will support you and your child with their toileting needs.

Spare Clothing

All children require a change of clothes in case of accidents and also when we have water play.  Please ensure all clothing is clearly named.

In the summer, please apply sunblock before coming to Crèche and provide a named hat to wear.


Please do not send your child to Crèche if they are unwell.  If they have had vomiting and/or diarrhoea, they need to stay home for 24 hours after the last bout of vomiting or diarrhoea.  Please phone in to advise us of their absence from 8.30am.


We require at least one weeks notice of your child leaving.  You will be required to pay for that week whether your child attends that week or not.

Fundraising /Social Events

The Crèche has up to 6 (six) appointed Parent Representatives.  These will ideally represent both the Crèche and kindergarten programmes.  They are the key people responsible for organising fundraising and social events.  From time to time there will be correspondence requesting support for certain events such as raffles, Christmas partys etc.  This is an opportunity for families to get involved and support the Crèche in a way that suits them.